Adult's Classes

For adults of all abilities looking to learn and develop their artistic skills in a fun and positive atmosphere – beginners are especially welcome!  The class is tailored to suit your learning, finding inspiration in subjects of personal interest.

Absolute beginners classes are taught step by step, which consists of information, demonstrations, exercises and assignments - all arranged to build artistic talent from the ground up. It is a complete system of instruction which teaches the full scope of underlying principles of drawing and painting. The instruction transforms someone without 'natural talent' into someone who has the talent to create beautiful works of art. The classes teach various techniques and enhance the skills of those who do have a natural artistic talent.

Class information

Classes need to be pre-booked to avoid disappointment. Discounts are offered for block bookings.


90 minute class - £20


Each student will also require their own box of pastels for the classes.


We can supply boxes of 30 half sticks of Rembrandt Pastels for £23. We can also supply second hand Rembrandt Pastels for £12.


Please call Maxinne on 07414 630 681 or Sarah on 07769713349 for a FREE introductory class!

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