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What happens when a child with an active imagination learns the real fundamentals of drawing and painting? Artistic miracles result and the child's confidence and self-esteem literally soar.  


Through our art classes the children learn the fundamental basics of fine art through a step-by-step learning approach. This method of instruction has been used for hundreds of years by only the Great Masters but now is available to anyone who wants to draw, regardless of 'talent'. Even those already with talent will learn how to improve their work through an organised but simple method. Because of the success of our unique teaching method, it has been recognised as The World’s Largest Fine Art Programme for children, teens and adults. We are proud to now bring this method to the UK for the first time.


Our children's art classes are scheduled to ensure that each student receives the best art instruction available.  We average 6 students per instructor in our classes and Instructors work with each student individually to ensure that they really learn how to draw and paint with confidence. The art classes start with the children, as young as 5, learning how to draw simple shapes with charcoal pencils and pastels for colour. The children will utilise tone and shadow to improve their artwork, resulting in their finished work looking life-like.  They then move on to watercolors where they learn about colour and how to mix it. Students also learn the difference between primary, secondary and complimentary colours and how to mix a wide array of colours. The result is what can only be described as "incredible" works of art.  


Our Art classes are fun and educational giving students the confidence to use their skills in fine art as well as in other areas of education. The benefits of fine art instruction are well known: better concentration, higher self-esteem, better focus, higher grades in school, not to mention the life-long gains in terms of perspective and appreciation. Remember also: It’s not just about learning a new way to see, it's about knowing exactly how to capture what one sees or envisions on a canvas and the ability to draw and paint it with certainty and control. And that requires the exact skills taught exclusively in our art studios by highly trained art instructors.


We will be offering mixed media classes for pre-schoolers, as an introduction to the world of art, fine art classes for children aged 5-13 and seperate teens and adult classes.

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